About SXSELondon

"Every communication advance in history has brought about a leap forward in civilisation: The alphabet begat democracy, the printing press begat the renaissance, and we're living through the biggest communication advance in human history and have no idea what might come out of it"  ~Jonathan Sacks

The information revolution is changing us – but how? And where is it heading?

SXSELondon is the capital's first grassroots social and digital media festival - the first and only festival where all of the speakers are what you might call 'activists' in their respected industries, using social & digital media to implement change, improve their jobs, create new business, influence an election or make Simon Cowell very mad. No buzzwords, no self-proclaimed "gurus", just the cutting edge of the information revolution.
First run in July 2012 and organised in only six weeks, SXSELondon is returning in a new format in 2013. Find out how you can get involved here.

Profits from the event go to Crisis, the nationwide charity dedicated to helping the homeless by delivering life-changing services.

In addition to the festival, SXSELondon provides social & digital training, consultancy & outsourcing services to any organisation looking to improve & galvanise their presence online.