SXSE Projects

This year, alongside the main festival we will also be running a series of 8 workshops, each one mentored by
one of the SXSE team & one of our visionary speakers.

The goal of each workshop is to create a campaign or project that will continue to run after the festival has ended and that will benefit a specific group or humanity in general. The best of these projects will be funded by one of our sponsors.

At the end of the final day, each of our groups will present their idea to the SXSE audience, who will vote on which they deem to be the most worthy cause and thus the winning campaign that we will follow and film the progress of in the months following the festival.

Projects can be anything, from an app that might aid people, assisting a local group, venture or charity or creating an online campaign to raise awareness for a cause. Equally we are looking for applications from anyone who wants to bring a digital or creative skill to aid one of these projects.

Each project should fall under one of our broad topics:
  • Politics
  • eCommerce & Finance
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Social Gaming
  • Science & Ecology
  • Community & Communication
  • Film & TV
  • Digital Future
We are currently accepting submissions of ideas, along with applicants for our workshops. Successful
applicants will receive a massively discounted ticket to both days and will be contacted in advance of the
festival. We will shortlist three ideas, which will then be put to the group at the beginning of the workshop.

To apply, click here.