What We Do

If you would like to book our team simply email Ben at ben@sxselondon.co.uk or feel free to give us a call on 07980 636565.


Struggling with social? Know you need it, but don't know where to start? Have it already, but want to make it better?

Our team has a unique blend of experience in social like no other - a diverse mix of media backgrounds covering all the digital disciplines - Different. Disruptive. Award-winning. 

No hot air. No bullshit. Just simple down-to-earth education in how, done right, social & digital media can be a real asset to your business. 

Corporate Training Days

Learn from the SXSELondon team at your own pace, in your own office. 

Learn to streamline and improve your social media offering while increasing all the right metrics in all the right ways, as well as getting an understanding of each of the digital disciplines from our entire team. We'll come to your workplace for a full day and train up to ten people in how we've tripled businesses incomes, grown communities around ideas and brands, created apps and events, and won multiple awards for our work.

We'll talk about: 

  • Communities on social networks - growing them, managing them, enhancing them
  • Social media best practice - how to talk, what to post and what NOT to do
  • SEO and how to master it
  • Blogging and its effect on your online offering
  • Online apps and their impact 

We also offer tailor-made half-day training sessions that cover either the basics or the advanced methodologies of social and digital. 

Treasure Hunts

SXSELondon’s Treasure Hunts are designed to have people work in teams to solve a series of clues both on and offline. Using a combination of web-links, social media clues and hashtags, users must work online to lead them to clues in the real world, which will in turn send them somewhere else online. 

Highly malleable to suit any team, any purpose or any location, the treasure hunt is an excellent way to facilitate team bonding, while familiarising users with the working practices of social media.


The team at SXSELondon are always happy to offer advice, help and consultancy services to those who want to understand social & digital media better. 

The digital landscape can be tricky to negotiate, which is why we aim to help you make sense of it while remaining true to your own values as a brand or organisation.

We can assess, build, develop, create content for and manage the day-to-day running of your social media and web presence so that you don't have to.

If you'd like to talk to us about:

  • Web audits & SEO improvements
  • Social media platform audits 
  • Design & build new social platforms 
  • Identify key influencers to help amplify your message
  • Content planning 
  • Social media & web strategies
  • Community Management – including content curation, daily posting & replying and weekly reports


SXSELondon as a collective came together founded on the idea that the internet is changing humanity. Each of us has been involved with different projects for good that have changed the way we think about the world at large - designed to disrupt the norm, unlock the potential of the internet to harness people behind ideas and to challenge the way that we think about their lives and our impact on the world. 

We've been responsible for: 

Rage Against the Election
Bite the Ballot 
The Children Notwork campaign

and many, many more!

We continue to work together to disrupt things for good, for good.